The Bounty Brief #3

This week's crypto bounties for data analytics

Hey Crypto Sleuths!

We’ve got some exciting news! Starting next week we will be putting out bounties daily - so if you want first pick, make sure to join us on Discord 👀

Today’s brief lists Compound, EulerBeats, HOPR, Uniswap, Harmony and Gnosis bounties for data analytics! Check them our below :)

📈 Compound

Liquidator Activity

Bounty: Up to 0.5 COMP

Description: How much profit are liquidators making over time? What is the breakdown of that profit by asset? Who are the top liquidators? Who are the top liquidation targets?

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🎸 EulerBeats

Advanced analytics dashboard for token and print ownership

Bounty: 1,000 USDC

Description: Provide an advanced platform view for token and print ownership for the EulerBeats community. You have one week to apply, and one winner will get 3 weeks to produce.

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Overview Of HOPR Transfers On XDai And On Ethereum

Bounty: 400 HOPR

Description: Due to the cross-chain nature of HOPR tokens (living both on Ethereum mainnet and xDai chain), we would like to gain a bird view on the HOPR token transfers on both chains.

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HOPR Twitter Engagement 🐥

Bounty: 185 HOPR

Description: HOPR's twitter account has over 15,000 followers. It is an important news outlet for HOPR to communicate all the update, announcements, community events to the general public. We would like to have a better understanding on how our tweets interact with other accounts.

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🚜 HoprFarm Activity

Bounty: 300 HOPR

Description: We'd like to learn more about behaviors of Genesis DAO members in the liquidity mining program. 

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🦄 Uniswap

Uniswap LP Farm App 🚜

Bounty: 3,000 DAI

Description : This bounty is for the bold adventurer who's familiar with staking contracts for LP-tokens, and can deploy a subgraph. Note that you MUST use RedwoodJS framework.

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🐠 Harmony

Bridge Dashboard with Full Statistics

Bounty: 14,140.21 ONE

Description: Currently page shows only TVL stats. This bounty needs to update the assets page into a full dashboard containing total asset bridged, total bridge transaction count, daily transaction chart, number of unique bridge accounts, total number of unique bridged assets and more.

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Build an analytics dashboard for the Conditional Token Framework

Bounty: 3000.00 DAI

Description: We want to incentivize the Ethereum community to build functionality which facilitates use cases. For this task, create a Dune Analytics dashboard for the CTF.

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