The Bounty Brief #4

Can't get enough Compound bounties? You've come to the right place!

Hello all you Bounty Barbarians ⚔️🛡️!

Hope you’re ready to get cranking on Compound 📈, because this week, the Bounty Brief is chock full of Compound bounties just waiting to be completed🔥 . Don’t forget, we’re now putting out bounties daily, so make sure to join us on Discord to get your pick of the litter 😎.

And just in case you missed it - we recently announced a 50K (!!) bounty program with Compound Finance … and added Fei & NFT data to Velocity. Sign up for free to get access.👇

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📈 Compound

How do daily price changes impact Compound usage? 💰

Bounty: Up to 0.5 COMP

Description: For the top 5 assets on Compound, what is the relationship between deposit/borrow/withdrawal/repayment on a specific day and the average daily price of that asset? Is it the same across different assets? How has it changed over time?

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Liquidation Worst-Case Scenarios 👎

Bounty: Up to 0.5 COMP

Description: If you hypothetically had 100,000 collateral in USDC & DAI in Compound, and you borrow 50,000 in USDT and deposit it back for yield farming for few years. Describe two scenarios that would trigger liquidation of that collateral. How often do liquidations of stablecoins occur when the majority of collateral is also stablecoins?

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Liquidation price monitoring 💸

Bounty: Up to 0.5 COMP

Description: Recently, some people have been getting liquidated immediately after borrowing or withdrawing. In order to help people avoid this issue, create a dashboard that describes recent high, low, and typical prices of each underlying asset. Also include a chart of how often people are being liquidated in the 24 hours after borrowing or redeeming.

Bonus: use the above trend to make a calculator that recommends a safe maximum Collateral Factor for a new position.

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Flipside Crypto Bounties💰

Bounty: Up to 0.5 COMP

Description: Answer one of these top analytics questions from the community and receive up to 0.5 COMP as a reward!

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🥒 Pickle

DILL: the Tangiest Governance Dashboard

Bounty: 6,050 DAI

Description: This challenge is about creating an informative, dynamic, and intuitive dashboard for the users of DILL, the vote-locking mechanism by which $PICKLE token holders can participate in our DAO governance.

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⛈️ Thorchain

Bounty for Thorchain Coverage

Bounty: 500 DAI

Description: Our Network is putting out a Request for Coverage (RFC) on Thorchain, to be published in this week's newsletter. Interested contestants should submit an entry with 3 data-driven insights on Thorchain network health using their submission form.

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🏎️ 88mph

Build An Analytics Dashboard For The 88mph Protocol📊

Bounty: $3,000 USD paid in MPH

Description: The dashboard must cover the data related to our main product lines: fixed-interest rate bond (FIRB), floating-rate bond, and zero-coupon bond, plus the different metrics related to solvency, liquidity, and the value generated by the MPH tokenomics.

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👨‍💻 Defi Hackathon

Create a Defi Dapp with Polygon 💫

Bounty: Up to $2K USDT

Let your imagination run wild while building a Defi DApp that takes advantage of Polygon’s speed and Scalability.

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OpenDeFi Challenge 🎖️

Bounty: Up to 1785 OCEAN

Interested in seeing riffs of data markets, new apps using Ocean, and integrations of Ocean into existing DeFi, crypto and AI apps.

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Good luck with your bounties this week🤞🍀! Know anyone else who wants to get started on bounties? Share the Bounty Brief with them!

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