The Bounty Brief #5

Help us build the biggest and best 🦄 dashboard!

Greetings, Bounty Hunters 🏹

It’s Uniswap week here at Flipside Crypto! Earlier today, we took a deep dive into the Uniswap V3 pools via the On The Flipside blog — and received a Uniswap V3 grant!

But now, it’s time to chase some unicorns 🦄! We’re working to build the biggest, baddest, and all-around best Uniswap V3 dashboard the world has ever seen — and we need your help!

Join us by coming up with your own questions, or answering one of the provided queries. Submissions that are chosen to be added to our dashboard (and only those that are added to the dashboard, will earn 💸 500 $UNI 💸. So, sign up for Velocity below, join Flipside Crypto on Discord to see the latest Uniswap queries, and get ready to take a deep dive into the world of Uniswap V3.

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Now, onto the bounties for this week.

Uniswap 🦄

Bounty: Up to $500

Description: Help us build the best Uniswap V3 dashboard around and receive up to $500 and a reward!

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📈 Compound

New Compound User Dashboard 👥

Bounty: Up to 0.5 COMP

Description: New users are coming to Compound daily and all of this active is public on-chain. Create a dashboard highlighting new addresses and their profiles. Suggested analysis may include daily, weekly, monthly new addresses, active addresses, Compound activity analysis, and comparison to other Compound user segments. Please include how you define a 'new address' in the answer. Community question

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Third-party + Flipside data combined for insightful Compound analytics 🔍

Bounty: Up to 0.5 COMP

Description: What third-party data can be combined with Flipside Velocity data to provide insightful analytics for the Compound community? The most informative and creative insight will win the bounty! Consider including traditional markets data, or data sources that can provide additional context and information that will provide a more complete picture of the question and answer you are solving for.

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APY Exploration 🧭

Bounty: Up to 0.5 COMP

Description: Break down which markets have the best APY for borrowers if you rely on their loans and which markets have the best APY for suppliers. Explain why they are different and look at trends over time.

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See all Compound Bounties💰

Bounty: Up to 0.5 COMP

Description: Answer one of these top analytics questions from the community and receive up to 0.5 COMP as a reward!

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Lido 💧

Off-Chain Storage & Management For Lido Validators' Keys 🔑

Bounty: 3000 LDO (ERC20)

Description: Bring operators' keys off-chain and build the process for operations in such a setup. The possible method for validating the keys is Merkle-tree proofs. The goal is to implement proof-of-concept: the key management smart contract, off-chain tooling, and the demo code for the happy-path scenario.

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The Web3 Index 󠁗󠁗🕸️

Add Arweave To The Web3 Index 3️⃣

Bounty: 0.35 ETH

Description: The Web3 Index is an open-source index and site dedicated to tracking fees being paid into Web3 networks in an effort to showcase the ones most in-demand across the Web3 stack. This task is to add a Web3 Index integration for Arweave by storing its total daily network fee data, denominated in USD, paid to Arweave miners by Arweave users.

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Open DeFi Hackathon ✨

Synthetix NFT Badges🏅

Bounty: $5,000 paid in SNX

Description: For this bounty, we require the design & creation of a range of Synthetix Spartan NFT Badges. These badges become claimable based on pre-defined rules relating to an address activity interacting with the Synthetix Protocol.

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Turq.Io 🟢

Improve Turq.Io New Issue Post Intake 🆕

Bounty: $40

Description: Need the intake to have the following 5 steps: Issue Headline, Issue Description/Details, Legislation Needed, Location of Concern, and Funding or Sharing on Twitter.

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Diadata 📊

Write A Trades Scraper For Sorare NFTs 🖼️

Bounty: 350 USDC

Description: We are looking for a Go developer who is experienced in writing applications interfacing with the Ethereum blockchain. Basic knowledge in NFTs is helpful but not necessary. Your task is to write a trades scraper for the Sorare NFTs. The data must be fetched directly from the blockchain (using for instance infura API).

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Hackathon: 0xHack🐂

Polygon Bounties 💸

Bounty: $10,000 in USDT

Description: Polygon(previously Matic) team will be awarding a total of $10k (USDT) to devs who BUILD their hacks on Polygon. $2k will be awarded to each of the winners in five different categories.

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Good luck with your bounties this week🤞🍀! Know anyone else who wants to get started on bounties? Share the Bounty Brief with them!

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