The Bounty Brief #7

Make money, even in a bear market

Hello there, Bounty Hunters 💸

We know it’s been a rough week for many of you, filled with bear markets, falling prices, and dwindling bags. That’s why your friends at Flipside Crypto are here to help you make money, even in a bear market, with a fresh slate of new bounties for you to claim and complete.

This week, we’ve got the latest round of bounties from Compound, new bounties on Uniswap as well as the best of the available analytics bounties from around the web. So, if you haven’t already, sign up for an account on Velocity, claim a bounty, and find profit in the bear market.

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And don’t forget — you can also enter the Uniswap Grants Dashboard competition to earn up to $5,000 for your bounties. Submissions to Uniswap are due by 12 midnight on May 31, so make sure you get your dashboards in! Learn more about the Uniswap Grants program here, and get help/feedback from our team in Discord!

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Now, onto the bounties for this week.

Uniswap 🦄

Top Liquidity Providers 💧

Bounty: Up to 9.47 UNI

Description: Explore the behavior of the top liquidity providers since V3 launch. For top liquidity providers, analyze correlation between daily price change and daily LP actions. (Do LPs move quickly to adjust their position when price changes?) Characterize the typical price spans of top provider's positions - does this vary by pool and/or fee tier? How much are top liquidity providers spending in fees?

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Token Swap Analysis 🪙

Bounty: Up to 9.47 UNI

Description: Provide a dashboard and/or analysis of the top tokens being exchanged on Uniswap. Which tokens are swapped most frequently for which other tokens? (ex. USDT is swapped most often for USDC and then WETH, +). Define "top tokens" both in swap counts and swap volumes (USD). Provide analyses for V2 & V3 together, and separately.

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Whale Activity 🐋

Bounty: Up to 9.47 UNI

Description: How did UNI whales react to the bear market? Choose 3 metrics that best illustrate their behavior. Include how you defined "whales" in your answer.

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See all Uniswap Bounties🦄

Bounty: Up to 9.47 UNI

Description: Answer one of these top analytics questions from the community and receive up to 9.47 UNI as a reward.

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📈 Compound

The Top DeFi Lending Platforms Dashboard 🏆

Bounty: Up to 0.5 COMP

Description: What are the top competitors to Compound in the DeFi ecosystem? Create a dashboard comparing Compound to Aave, Maker, and any other notable DeFi lending protocols (InstaDApp, Liquity). Use the major leading insights (TVL, volume, users) and anything else that would be insightful in analysis.

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Price Dip Impact 📉

Bounty: Up to 0.5 COMP

Description: What was the impact on Compound of the dip in prices across all of crypto on Wednesday? Suggested data points: Change in liquidity in Compound - how was compound impacted compared to other defi protocols? Number of liquidations and volume of liquidations? Average gas price to transact?

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APY Spread

Bounty: Up to 0.5 COMP 📊

Description: What is the APY for stablecoins vs. ETH vs. other tokens used as collateral assets for borrowers? Has that changed over time? If you were building a portfolio that managed risk vs. yield, what would be your recommended investment in each?

APY Spread

See all Compound Bounties💰

Bounty: Up to 0.5 COMP

Description: Answer one of these top analytics questions from the community and receive up to 0.5 COMP as a reward.

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🕸️ IoTeX

Review And Improve IoTeX Docs 📄

Bounty: 15505.86 IOTX

Description: We would like you to go through our documentation website at from a User/developer perspective and provide a report pointing out errors, inconsistencies, typos, dead links. Also go through the examples and tutorials and try them reporting what is not working, errors, outdated content etc..

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Port UMA Protocol On IoTeX 🌀

Bounty: 77529.30 IOTX

Description: Port and deploy UMA protocol (Universal Market Access) on IoTeX to allow any dApp on IoTeX to use UMA to build synthetic financial products.

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Which Days Of The Week Are Most Effective For HOPR? 📅

Bounty: 300 HOPR

Description: From our early analysis and observations of a short period, we have learned that HOPR's marketing (Twitter), community (Telegram) and trading activities (Uniswap) are active on Wednesdays and Fridays. We would like to analyze better the most active day of the week across platforms and channels (Twitter, Telegram, Uniswap) in a quantitative fashion.

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🦡 Badger Finance

DeFi Yield Farming Strategy Review For Badger MStable BTC Vault 🔒

Bounty: 300 BADGER

Description: We are seeking 3 independent reviews for this vault. We ask that these are completed no later than EOD on June 2nd. If you are a highly skilled solidity developer with relevant experience and are interested in building with Badger, we hope you will consider completing this bounty. We’d also ask that you include a recent version of your CV with your submission.

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🪙 Bitgesell

Pull Request bounty hunt 🏹

Bounty: 100 USDT

Description: To get more people involved and provide motivation, we are announcing Bitgesell Pull Request bounty hunt! The rules are simple: You can create any reasonable pull request that may contain any modifications, including, but not limited to: Refactoring and simplification; Test fixes (1 test group/file fixed by single PR counts!); Cleanup of features that are no longer used (e.g. non-segwit transactions); Documentation and comments (but if no code changes then some reasonable amount of changes should be done to count); Bug fixes.

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#️⃣ Hashtag Protocol

Turn Footer Into Reusable Component For Entire Platform

Bounty: 1564 DAI

Description: Our (marketing website, demo dapp, documentation site) all run as separate apps written in Vue.js. The footer in each looks the same, however, editing the footer involves editing the footer component in all three apps. Not fun. We would like a way to have all three apps reuse a single footer component. The solution should be a re-usable npm component or GitHub package that can be used in each of the three web properties.

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🏆Bounty Submission of the Week 🏆

Submitted by @shenron_eth

Welcome back to our Bounty Submission of the Week!

In case you’ve already forgotten after last week’s debut, in each issue of the Bounty Brief, we’ll feature one of the best submissions as voted by our community on Discord. In this edition, we’re excited to feature a look at Compound Revenue and Emissions from @shenron_eth.

According to @shenron_eth, Compound has generated $0.1305 in revenue per dollar issued on their own token over the past six months. That ratio has remained mostly stable over time, outside of a notable spike in early May caused by a sharp decline in emissions and a rise in the value of $COMP.

@shenron_eth also notes, however, that we see different contracts provide varying returns when looking at the breakdown of this ratio by any market. When comparing stablecoins, for instance, DAI provides $0.18 of revenue per dollar of $COMP issued, higher than both USDT ($0.13) and USDC ($0.10).

@shenron_eth had tons of great findings we couldn’t fit into this newsletter, so make sure you check out their submission to see all of the dynamic data they presented, and get your submissions in to be considered for future editions of the Bounty Brief.

Good luck with your bounties this week🤞🍀 Make sure you join our community on Discord to keep up with all things bounties and get answers to any questions you have about solving our queries:

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